So here begins my holistic health & hypertrophy blog… & i’m in bed congested, teary-eyed, sore throat & feeling crappy.

Well it can only get better from here right!!!

So instead of doing Naturopathic Clinical Observations, hitting the gym for some Squats,  Studying & catching up with my Princess later, I’ll be writing you guys some inspiring content!


Checkout this AWESOME Skin Nourishing Body Oil I made yesterday in between coughing lots & writing my Pathology 2 Assignment.



Jojoba oil 50ml

Shea Butter 100gm

Tamanu Oil 50ml

Coconut Oil 100ml

Beeswax 50gm

Lavender, Rosemary, Boswelia & Chamomile Essential Oisl 10-20drops each



Place all ingredients in a water bath (ie in a container thats sitting in water in a larger cooking pot on a heat source) & mix till liquid. Take off heat & mix well, then leave to set.

This is a FANTASTIC oil for the skin to Nourish & Heal. Make sure you let the oil soak into your skin well BEFORE you put clothes on as the Tamanu Oil can stain clothes green!

If you need any ingredients jump on & tell them Chris Bellanger sent you for 15% OFF or swing past Prahran Healthfoods if you’re in Melbourne.

Ok back to blowing my nose…

Enjoy! 😉